Order Confirmation
Like the wig industry, the size and color of the wig are both sensitive and easily disrupt the customer's shopping experience. In order to better solve this problem, we set up an order confirmation form in customer service department. This unit is responsible for confirming every detail of your order.
product inspection
We examine the product carefully before delivery, even though we know that our manufacturers are trustworthy.
1. Your product will be accurately produced in accordance with the schedule we arrange and the product will be transferred to our center and inspected by a group of trained inspectors upon completion.
2. A basic inspection will be carried out to ensure that the product is consistent with the order and indeed each detailed requirement specified in the order is recorded.
3. Our QC team will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that the product quality complies with international ISO quality standards and any product that does not meet our quality control standards will be returned.
4. Survival products in the quality control test will be passed to the packaging team.
Product packaging
Our packaging team will take care of every item transferred to them to avoid any possible damage during packaging. Our wrappers come in many new ways to reinforce the outer case, making your package more air tight, water-resistant and pressure-resistant.
Package tracking
Shortly after the package is shipped out, our logistics center and our system automatically send an email with your tracking number; you can start tracking where the package arrived; however, that does not mean our responsibility ends here Because now responsibility has shifted to customer service, and our customer service representatives are always there until your package arrives safely at your door, and most importantly, you are satisfied with the items you receive.